delightful details: cockpit lights

i LOVE white christmas lights.  love ’em.  we have some in our dining room all year long.  we have some outside in our holly tree for mood lighting.  and come christmas time, forget about it!  so when i saw this post by one of my cruising guru’s over at windtraveler,  I.  FREAKED.  OUT.

so, jake ordered some for me and we put them up last weekend!  they are delightful.  they completely changed the ambiance in the cockpit.  suddenly it became romantical and magical and intimate and homey!

our twinkly, led cockpit lights.

our twinkly, led cockpit lights.

not sure how many amps hours our pretty, little cockpit lights will use, but for now, while we’re hooked up to shore power and only doing long weekends away, i’m gonna use the heck out of ’em!  they are led after all!

our sushi dinner, lit perfectly!

our sushi dinner, lit perfectly!

technical notes:  these little guys are 12 volt DC powered.  we have a 12 volt outlet in the cockpit (it needed to be replaced but that was a breeze for jake!) and the plug is removable so when we’re not using them, we tuck the plug away.  we bought them here, the same place brittany recommended, for about 12 bucks a piece.  one set was plenty of light, so we’re storing the second set as back up.

there was one little (alright BIG) problem with our beautiful lights…  they attracted bugs almost immediately.  we have only used them once, in early may, so there weren’t any mosquitos but lots of other little guys came flying on over.  the good with the bad, eh?

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