the adventures of leo

we are on the fence as to what to do with our beloved kitty, leo, when we go cruising.  he’s a little older, he’s kinda’ grumpy, and he’s not good with change…  his cruising ship may have already sailed!  but we love him so, and jr and i decided that no decisions have to be made until final departure plans are set.  until then, you can follow his adventure here :)  we dragged him along with us last weekend for some boat work.  here’s how his weekend went:

day 1 – not pleased

leo spent the evening checking things out.  first, he navigated for a bit…



then, he found the head…

leo in the head

leo in the head…

last, he tested his limits in the galley.  clearly house and boat rules are different.  leo would get swatted if he jumped on the kitchen counter at home!

bad leo!

bad leo!

day 2 – exhausted

this was leo most of the day on saturday.  maybe he was acclimating, maybe he was exhausted!  either way, he slept…

getting used to boat life!

getting used to boat life!

day 3 – curious

too little, too late!  we left sunday morning at 7:30 am!  maybe next time leo!

finally made it out to the cockpit!

finally made it out to the cockpit!



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  1. You been monkeyfi’ed! And yes indeed, you are our 100th blogger – very cool.

    Leo been monkeyfi’ed too. I put a pic of Leo up on facebook. Isabel, Tucker, and Percy all say – go for it Leo! (Isabel was 10 and Percy and Tucker were 8 when they moved aboard.)

  2. funny— we have been acclimating out girl MOLLY for the same purpose. She just complete her first weekend aboard (in the slip). The worst part was getting her to the boat. Good Luck!

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