Drena Cleaning the Stainless

Boat Maintenance: The Commissioning Continues…

Mainly because we wanted to get Journey back in the water as soon after April 1st as we could to avoid extra dry storage fees, but also because it has not been warm enough for us to feel like sailing, we have been taking care of some more spring commissioning items lately.  Since the launch, we have cleaned, polished, and waxed the deck, cockpit, hatches, large windows, lifelines, and stainless steel everywhere; changed the fuel filters and fuel pump; hung a new corkboard/ dry erase board at the nav station (it just made sense to us, we’ll see if it stays!); put on all the canvas; replaced the 12V DC outlet in the cockpit; recommissioned the potable water system, and hopefully found and fixed the engine coolant leak.

Drena Cleaning the Stainless

Drena Cleaning the Stainless

Is any of this worth blogging about?  Not really, it’s mostly the same stuff other boat owners do every spring except maybe the fuel pump replacement.  We did have to map out the fuel system in order to understand how the system works.  We have a total of 3 fuel filters (4 if you count the one in the pump), 2 external Racor turbine water separator type and 1 mounted on the engine.  The two Racors are plumbed in parallel with 3-way valves for switching from one pump to the other in the event that one gets clogged up underway.  The fuel pump we installed was one that was a brand new, in the box, original equipment replacement part that was left by the previous owner as a spare.  We decided to also keep a spare fuel pump so we bought another one anyway and just tucked it away with the other spares until it is needed in the future.  Did I mention that all of the filters were left from the previous owners too?  That sure saved us some money!


  1. I like this blog for several reasons. One, I am learning a lot about my daughter and son-in-law and two, I hate to read, but my goal is to read this entire blog. I did not realize how hard you guys have been working and writing. I will continue to follow.. Love you both.. XOXOXOX

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