Month: June 2013

last day of school…

today, june 30, 2013, is officially my last day employed by prince george’s county public schools.  it might be starting to hit me.  i’ve pretty much been a part of pgcps since i was 5.  i took a little break in 1998 to meet jr :) but other than that, i have always been a part of the system.

on thursday, we got a new superintendent who also used to be my principal when i went to buck lodge middle.  and on friday, i got the weekly e-mail from my principal stating that my position had been filled.  it’s all still going on, and i’m not part of it anymore.

at the end of the year, everyone asked how i was feeling and i was like, “regular, i guess.”  regular because i always shut my classroom down in june.  i always pack things away in june.  and i always say goodbye to my friends, both big and small, in june.  it felt regular.

but now, as things are continuing on without me, i’m feeling a little sad.  i know that i could end up back here, right here in this very spot, picking up where i left off.  but i also know that it will never be the same.  change is hard and scary and exciting and liberating.  but regardless of the outcome, it will never be the same.

so, thanks to pgcps for continuing to pay me ’til the end of august :)  and thanks to blue cross for continuing to provide me and my man with health insurance ’til october.  but most of all, thanks to my county for providing me with a pretty darn good education, a tremendous teaching experience, and exceptional, i mean truly exceptionally amazing, committed, passionate, creative, supportive, positive, dedicated, motivating, inspiring, selfless, unstoppable people to learn from.

me, on the last day of school <3  photo cred: quepita

me, on the last day of school
photo cred: quepita