Sewing 101: Fender Covers

What do ex-cruisers buy once they’ve returned to land and have a steady income?  Sewing machines, of course!  We attended the Annapolis Sailboat Show and spoiled ourselves by buying all the awesome stuff we wished we had while cruising :)  It was a pathetic form of self-indulgence, out of depression from not cruising this year, but we are determined to put our impulse buys to good use.

Me, kinda' excited about my new toy :)

Me, kinda’ excited about my new toy :)

I broke in my new Sailrite by making fender covers for our old, beat up fenders.  We found that our dirty fenders would mark up our gelcoat and we did not have much success cleaning them, so fender covers were added to our wish list.  Back in Ft. Lauderdale, we hit up a very cool place called Sailorman, which is essentially a thrift store for boat parts.  They were having a super sale and we found some GIANT, I mean GIANT, brand new fender covers for like, $5 a pop.  We figured we could slice ’em up and make covers that fit our itty bitty fenders.  And thats just what I did.


Jake in Ft. Lauderdale at Sailorman.

This is how big the fender covers were.  That's me, inside the fender cover!

This is how big the fender covers were. That’s me, inside the fender cover!

It was an easy job for the most part, except the material was really stretchy so it was hard to line stuff up.  I think they turned out “good enough,” as we like to say, and I got to know my new Sailrite :)  My next project will not be boat related at all, but will put her to good use.  Stay tuned.


Pinning and a cameo of a cat foot.


So far, totally lives up to the hype :)


Of course we go the hot knife too.



In other news, we will be sailing Journey north tomorrow to prepare for her haul out on the 26th of November.  Sigh.  One year ago today we were anchored in the Pungo River Canal.  Sigh, again.


  1. How are you liking the hot knife? It’s something I’ve been debating for some time know. Wondering if I should just go ahead and take the plunge. I did the same thing with my pres-n-snap and I’ve never looked back on that purchase!

    1. I love the hot knife but Ive only used ours for burning the end of line. I borrowed one in FL and it made the canvas work so much easier not having to worry anout the edges. Hope you are well.

    1. I watched a video on Sailrites website where they used the boat blanket material. It looked great. I know, Ive been feeling a little sorry for myself lately. Cruising may have ruined my life because I cant shake the state of mind. I have not re-adjuated to the 9-5. It’s boo.

  2. Those sailrite machines look great. Trisha re did a salon cushion of ours with a regular sowing maching and it came out great, but the process was very frustrating. Maybe now that we are CLODs (cruisers living on dirt) one of these could be in our future….

    1. They are. I did lots of stuff on a regular machine too, and it was frustrating. The right tool for the job, as they say. Yup, the ONLY perk to land life is being able to buy the stuff you were too cheap to buy while cruising :)

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