Month: July 2013

we shall see: TV or no TV?

tvjourney came equipped with a TV antenna mounted on top of her mast so that she can receive lots of local channels. it’s a pretty cool perk and i actually really love the antenna itself ’cause it looks like a halo, especially when the anchor light is illuminated.

jr and i have been on the fence about whether or not to put a TV on journey. there is something really peaceful in the idea of being TV-less and there’s plenty to do on a boat other than watch TV. we’re planning on having a laptop, an iphone, a kindle, and, if I have my way, an iPad, so we’ll be plenty “connected.” we’ve never had cable for as long as we’ve lived together so we won’t miss that either. if we did get a TV, it would be a little guy anyway, like 15″ or so, but we’ve got lots of other stuff to buy that are seemingly more important to us.

do any of you watch TV on an ipad or laptop? is it fine? can you download shows or do you have to stream them? we may just head south without one and decide on our way down. we shall see!