cat on board

the adventures of leo: he’s comin’ with us :)

yup, we’ve decided.  our baby butter is comin’ with us!  you might remember this post, or this post, or this post when we were oh-so-worried about whether or not leo would acclimate to the boat.  on most occasions, he did fine.  and when we met with his vet a few weeks back, i was finally convinced that he’d survive.  when we told him about our plan, dr. carman said, “oh yeah, man, cats are adaptable.  he’ll be fine!”  i asked a few more questions like, “do you think his bones are too brittle for jumping and leaping?”  “do you think he’ll get bored?”  “do you think he’ll miss his big, giant house?”  “do you think he’ll be too hot?  too cold?”  and sweet dr. carman just shook his head and said, “he’ll be fine.”

we’ve been living on the boat for over a week now and leo is just fine.  surprise.  granted, we are still on the dock, it is NOT hot (it’s really rather chilly,) and it has been super calm, but still, he’s fine and i’m glad.