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i’ve been thinking a lot about this post.  how to describe the whirlwind of downsizing, sorting, packing, moving, and overall readying our house for tenants…  i think i’m just gonna keep it short and sweet.  if i’ve learned anything from obsessively reading cruising blogs it’s that the highs are high and the lows are low.  in other words, i’m signing up to live in a world of extremes.  yesterday and the days preceding were low-low.  we were stressed and on top of that, highly emotional because we LOVE our little house.  the memories and the things we learned in that house are indescribable, so i won’t try.  without it, we would not have gotten to where we are today, but that’s how life works right?

i also thought it would be great (for me :) to do a picture post about our house, but i figured i would get lost, for hours, and cry until i ran out of tears.  now that’s just counter productive, isn’t it?  so, here are just a few from last week…  if you have a memory from our house, it would make my day if you’d leave it in the form of a comment below.  even if it’s something simple like, “your bathroom was always under construction.”  thanks <3

it was a very rainy moving day...  but this tiny truck did the job.

it was a very rainy moving day… but this tiny truck did the job.

one last failed attempt to put a rain hat on leo :)

one last failed attempt to put a rain hat on leo :)

me and leo, with our mudded up walls.

me and leo, with our mudded up walls.

another trip to homer d. for paint.

another trip to homer d. for paint.

look at those eyes!

look at those eyes!

it was about here when we felt completely overwhelmed.

it was about here when we felt completely overwhelmed.

so we resigned to one more night at home and ordered cheesesteaks from dumm's.  yummo!

so we resigned to one more night at home and ordered cheesesteaks from dumm’s. yummo!

on our way out.  very bitter sweet.

on our way out. very bitter sweet.


  1. Have a million memories of your house… Two that stand out 1. Cleaning and painting the house before you guys moved in. 2. Surprise wedding on Christmas. Okay I lied I have three. 3. Last Christmas with Tio Amado.

    1. Jake and I do not remember painting BEFORE moving in… Crazy. I do remember when you came over to help paint the kitchen and buzzed through the middle part of the walls like a champ!

  2. Obviously I’ll never forget the nuptials!! But if was obvious my Pops was ALWAYS happy when he there!! :) He loves you guys!!

    1. And we love him. It was always so fun having him over. It made me feel like a grown-up :) I will never forget the day we moved in and your dad ran around our yard “challando” or “blessing” the house by pouring Miller Lite everywhere. I wished he was around to challar our boat :)

  3. I always marveled in the love and detail the two of you injected in everything you did to the home – it takes dedication and love to make a house a home, which was accomplished by the two of you.

  4. I have loved your house probably more than I loved some of my own dwellings. It’s sad to see the cat knocker off your door – I remember the day I ordered it from Restoration Hardware for Christmas that year.
    One of the things I loved most was all the pictures you had of each room as you made it your own. I remember bringing my guests over and being so proud of the two of you as you saw step by step how each room was completed. The time you opened your home to Aiden and myself when we first moved here. I probably slept better at your home than at my own. But the BEST memories are the ones where Mom was there with us. I have a picture of her on the hammock as we all sat around talking. I remember thanksgiving when I cooked and for once all of you were able to spend that time together – and your wedding when you surprised everyone.
    There are so many wonderful memories that I could go on and on and on. That’s what I wish for you as you go on this journey – that you have many more memories to add.
    I also find it bittersweet the many rooms that have “Drena Loves JR” hidden somewhere. You don’t have a house – you made it a home. Godspeed on your journey and know that Aiden and myself love you and miss you. <3 your sister

  5. I remember so many things and hope I never forget them. The day you were moving in and the previous tenants had not moved out, we were moving them out while we were moving you in. Remember when you were not sure if you were making the right decision when you decided to buy that house.. I love how you have “JR loves Drena” and “Drena loves JR” behind every wall in that house. Leslie and I spend a night there one night and she respected you guys too much to turn on the heat before you got up, even though she was cold. (well when I got up, the heat went up) The wedding was the best.. Loved the changing of the pictures in the kitchen. Loved Leo’s picture over his plate. Love the rain barrel. Loved watching the house change from an OK house to a beautiful home and knowing you guys did everything on your own. Most important… It makes me happy to know that you are happy… Follow your dreams and enjoy every minute. How much space do I get? Oh well…. Please correct spelling and typo errors before posting. Love you both. I will miss the house, but life must move on and there are bigger and better things to come. Your house will be here when you come back..And so will I… XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  6. Greatest memory will always be your surprise wedding and that you had my brat help you out without knowing why! :) Will always remember how happy Dad was for his last Christmas! We love you guys!!

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