prep: the annapolis sailboat show

we took a break from moving to hit the sailboat show. we hadn’t really planned on going this year until i found out that there were going to be deals on iSUPs! so we hit it up! i FINALLY bought my iSUP from west marine. i got this one and will pick it up shortly from the west marine in pasadena. i’ll let you know how it rides when the weather is warmer!

we also ran into lots of cruiser-famous folks at the show like carolyn from the boat galley, the brothers from sailrite, and this fine fellow at the cruising outpost booth :)

me and mr. bitchin in the cruising outpost booth

we found a few other things that were on our list like a radar reflector, water-proofing canvas stuff, and we got the schpeal and bought some rescue tape. as we were heading out, jr decided that the deal they were offering for the honda generator he had been eyeing, was too good to pass up. especially once they offered us both a sierra nevada, the deal was sealed.

the beer that convinced jake to buy his new generator :)


  1. Absolutely, positively need that rescue tape. Bought mine 4 years ago and still know where it is. Did the guy with the screw remover get you? I’ve got three of those and actually use them. Also the emergency hose camp tool using wire and this gadget that I have to check the instructions every time I use it.

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