picture post: our bon voyage party

saturday, september 21, 2013 – blake’s bar harbor marina – pasadena, md


there’s just no way we could ever use silly little words to describe the love we felt saturday at our bon voyage party, so a picture post is in order.  it was indescribably perfect.  we are lucky in so many ways.  to all of the beautiful people who gave up their saturday to be with us, in the rain, we love you…

(click the first pic for a slide show, or enjoy ’em like this.)

thanks fla, alesia, briana, gray, aaron, and annique for the pictures!


  1. Dear Drena,

    Have just finished the “Slide Show” of your Bon Voyage party of Sept. 21!! I am thrilled for you and for the opportunity to internet-journey with you on this dream-come-true trip with your sweetheart.

    Hugs, Celia

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