on being grateful…

i’ve been thinking a lot about the support we have received since we came clean with our plan to travel south.  whenever jr and i talk about it we laugh because the people who have proven to be most supportive, were not the ones we would have guessed.  before we broke the news, we predicted and speculated as to what “so-and-so” would say and boy were we off!  some of the folks we thought would be appalled, were really supportive and some of the folks we thought would cheer us on, have faded into the background.  fascinating.

last week we had drinks on cara mia with tammy and chip from plodding in paradise and we explored this topic a little…  tammy mentioned that when folks hear such a non-traditional idea it sometimes make them question their own choices (i hope i paraphrased that properly).  i thought this was really insightful and helpful in dealing with those who have faded away.

this conversation also reminded me about a halloween party jr and i had at our house a long, long time ago.  lots of people came, and lots of people didn’t come.  admittedly, i worried endlessly about the folks who didn’t show up that night, and ruined a chance to appreciate the good things i had happening in right in front of my face.  i often look back at that party with regret because my priorities were so messed up and i’m determined not to make that mistake again.  this trip has brought me back to the thought of missing out on the love from the caring people ’cause i’m too worried about the uncaring ones…  sigh.

i'm tryin'...

i’m tryin’ y’all…

i’m continuously surprised and humbled by the outpouring of love and support we receive from family, friends, and complete strangers.  i’m doing what i can to relish in it and be grateful, as not to relive my halloween party immaturity :)


  1. When we came clean I was shocked at how supportive everyone was! I think that since we are still so young we avoided most of the “you’re being so irresponsible” comments that a lot of our older friends have gotten and it seems most of our friends are simply happy for us that we figured out how to do it. I tell you what, our “plan” certainly has not gone the way we thought but you know what, we’re still doing it and we haven’t killed each other yet. Small victories. :)

    When are you heading south? It would be great to run into you at some point!


    1. It sure has been interesting! We will be leaving sometime in October depending on the weather (and our house!) and heading down the Chesapeake Bay and ICW. I don’t think we’ll be in Florida till December, but we’ll be sure to keep in touch!

    2. We are heading out sometime in October from the Baltimore/Annapolis area. I guess we’re tentatively aiming to be in FL in December. It would be great to meet! What are your plans?

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