prep: canvas

cleaning stuff

cleaning stuff

while jr has been working hard on our sweet little house, i have been attending to our canvas.  we took all of our sails and canvas off of journey before we went on vacation in order to clean them up and make some mends :)  we sent our sails away to sailcare for inspection and maintenance and i brought home all of the canvas in a big old heap of blue.

today i scrub-a-dub-dubbed with some lukewarm water and woolite, treated it with fabric guard 303 for some additional waterproofing, and finally applied zipper care to the million

me, giving our zippers some love <3

me, giving our zippers some love <3

and one zippers!  i also did a little walk through and noted all of the places i need to re-stitch.  in our whirlwind of sending things away for service, i also sent away my sewing machine (and my camera, sheesh!) so i’m hoping i can squeeze in some time at my bff’s bridal shop and use my tia’s super crazy sewing machine to make the fixes to the “uh-ohs” that i found!  i haven’t talked to my bff or my tia in 2 weeks and i’m dying over here <3

an "uh-oh" that's gonna need a mend!

an “uh-oh” that’s gonna need a mend!


      1. I have found that new canvas or Sunbrella is VERY stiff. I have to have my husband help me maneuver the fabric as I’m sewing and it makes it easier, but still not fun, especially when working with long and big pieces of fabric. Also using my Sailrite blue sewing machine makes a HUGE difference too, and previously I was using a good old Viking sewing machine with a low gear. Email me at and I’ll email you my phone number if you want to talk further about this.

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