we shall see: nail polish

i have read countless posts about the compromises cruising ladies must make when it comes to girliness and boat livin’.  perhaps my favorite post so far is this one by tammy from plodding in paradise.  i especially love # 3: “try to look fabulous — or at least not dreadful.”

i’m not the girliest of girls, but there are a few things that i’m not abandoning without a fight.  nail polish is kind of a big deal to me.  i know my hands will take a beating and work harder than they have in…  well, ever, but my toes have got to be on point.  it’s just a thing for me.  we shall see…


  1. I brought a bunch on board with me when I moved in. They don’t take up much space and if they make your toes feel that much better, so be it! I also recommend a good nail brush as your hands and feet will take a beating!

  2. Always take mine. Seems to get thick a little quicker. Thin with remover. Most women give up on makeup and either cut their hair short or have a massive supply of bands and clips and when your sweetie needs these too, then more than double the supply. Hats need chin straps in the Bahamas. I gave up. Cheers!

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