makin’ waves

some of you may not know, but jr and i were scheduled to leave last october 2012.  due to many overwhelming factors, however, i had second thoughts. it was a very sad time for us and jr was kinda’ convinced that if i bailed once, i was probably gonna bail again.  tisk, tisk he shoulda’ had faith :)

anyway, my mom has always says, “everything happens for a reason” and last july, while i was away with friends and in the middle of breaking jr’s heart, i found this little necklace

seriously?  “this is your journey?”  “live in the moment and do what makes you happy?”  “don’t be afraid to rock the boat!?”  really!?  I was standing in the middle of this little shop in cape may, completely overcome.  i bought it up and have worn it almost everyday since then.  it’s my little journey.  call it what you want, but for me, it was a sign that we were gonna be ok and i was on the right path.

we recovered from the heartbreak and are now on our way.  the extra year was good for us, jr has even reluctantly admitted it.  last year would have been rushed and chaotic, this year things are falling into place with little to no intervention.  it’s nice.

my little journey.

my little journey.


  1. You will be OK… All of us will be…. Things could be worse…. As long as this is something you want to do (in your heart), you will be just fine. If you are doing this for any other reason, then we have a reason to be concerned.

  2. Can I just say how crazy awesome this all is? I’m so proud to know you guys!! I wish you the absolute best time of your lives during this adventure.. thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

  3. As Peg and I were told before we left the first time… ‘Do it now!”. We met many people along the way, most in their 60’s ande 70’s, they waited for retirement. Everyone of them congradulated us for “doing it now”.

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