delightful details: dishes

last weekend was spent utilizing‘s 10% off everything sale.  we did some shopping i tell ya!  jr bought all the big ticket items we have been holding out on, like our anchor!  i hope he will write a post about which anchor he chose and why (hint, hint)!

it would be a lie if i told you that i was excited about shopping at defender.  jr was overwhelmed in a good way, but me, i was a little bored by it all…  so, i decided to order up something that will make me feel comfortable on our boat.  i don’t mean “being able to sleep when the wind is howling” comfortable, i mean “something cute that will make me smile” comfortable.   i read on some blog or in some book somewhere, that in order to feel at home on your boat you gotta make it feel like home.  so, whenever we “need” something for the interior of the boat, i try to make it lovely.  no sense in eating off of cheap, plastic camping plates when target makes beautiful melamine!

so that’s what i did, i bought pretty melamine plates for journey.  i did my homework some time ago about what dishes to buy for our boat and i decided to go with melamine over corelle mainly after reading carolyn’s articles at  melamine comes in so many pretty colors and styles, and can be found anywhere pretty cheap, so i went with this pretty little collection from!  it arrived today and i love it.  nope, not a thing on our boat is this color, but it looks really nice with navy blue so i’ll try to incorporate it as best i can.  i also plan to make them non-slip with a little silicone caulk and this little trick from carolyn again!

our newest little details that'll make journey feel like home

our newest little details that’ll make journey feel like home

all this may seem pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things, but i’m a sucker for details!

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