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The Adventures of Leo: Our Little Boo Couldn’t Poo :(

On our way to St. Auggie’s, a few days back, I noticed Leo had been a little extra lethargic; something did not seem right!  I kept my eye on him, and after some thinking and scooping we realized that he hadn’t pooped in a couple days!  Eeek!

Leo is already on a daily regimen of stool softener (TMI?) because he’s had a few booty issues in the past and after some discussion, we decided that we have been a little inconsistent with his medicine since moving aboard.  We probably contributed Boo’s back-up!

Thankfully, we were in a town with lots of stuff and we talked about when and how we should get him to a vet.  Meanwhile, we upped his dose of Miralax and waited patiently.  My heart broke as we watched him sit at his litter box and stare at it longingly.  Our poor baby had a tummy ache!

Leo, looking at his litter box :(

Leo, looking at his litter box :(

By 1 o’clock the third day, he finally did his business and we were able to leave St. Augustine as planned, without a trip to the vet.  Needless to say, we’re being a lot more careful with measuring his medicine and we’ve been obsessively watching his bathroom habits.  We can confidently report that Leo has been “going” regularly, every other day since we left St. Augustine!

And that, my friends, is what “living the dream” looks like here on Journey!