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The FB Status Update That Almost Ruined My Day

Talk about first world problems. I had my first Facebook status highjacked this week!  I knew it was bound to happen, and I should have seen it coming, but I recently posted to our Sailing Journey Facebook page and the comments took on a life of their own!

For the past year I have been watching as Tasha and Brittany put themselves out there and blog/post about every detail of their lives.  Well the days of my jaw dropping as their virtual “friends” grumble at them are over!  They’re coming after me now, too :)

On Wednesday I posted this pic of a boat that had rafted up to us while we were out exploring Vero.  My caption was “Came back from a romp in town and found another boat attached to us.  Leo was not pleased and neither is JR :)  Bad Vero!”


What I didn’t say was it was dark, after marina hours, and when we pulled up to Journey, we were greeted by a flustered single hander who almost immediately jumped in his dinghy and left to go “have dinner with his wife.”  Huh?

Now, if you follow our blog, our Facebook page, or if you know us personally you know that we are mad thorough, you know that we are usually open to new experiences, you know that we are pretty dang “go with the flow”, but something about this post seeped through our virtual safety net that consists of people who know and understand us, and made it’s way to people who don’t know us at all, and they, too, began to weigh in.  And boy did they weigh in.

Before you start yelling at me about putting my business on the internets, I already know.  I get it.  If I’m gonna put my biz nass out there, I should be prepared to suffer!  And suffer I did!

I’m not going to go into specifics about what people said, people who don’t know us and didn’t bother to get to know us before they posted their opinion, I’ll let you read that for yourself, but I was upset!  I woke up Thursday morning and read these comments from strangers telling me what I should have known and where I could go if I didn’t like it, I was like, “WTF!?  Who are you and why are you being mean to me?!”  I wanted to respond to them and say, “We did know this might happen, it’s just…”  “Of course we noticed others rafting, but…”  “We are go with the flow, but this guy…!”  “We do like meeting people, but…!”  And I let it fester and work me up for a good bit.

And that’s really my point for this post.  I’m really disappointed in myself for caring.  Who cares?  What power do a few negative words from strangers have over me in the grand scheme of things?  Why on earth do I care!?  I wasted a few hours of a BEAUTIFUL, sunny, 70 degree, Vero Beach morning worrying that Mr. and Miss Stranger don’t think we were “go with the flow” kind of people.  Shame. On. Me.

And then I went for a paddle to clear my head.  That’s right Mr. and Miss Stranger-who-probably-won’t-read-this-anyway, I went for a PADDLE, on my PADDLE BOARD, that I keep on MY BOAT, that is currently in FLORIDA!  What a beautiful life I have right now, and I wasted a few precious hours of it on nonsense.  Again, Shame. On. Me.

Clearly I’m still learning…  I’m learning what it’s like to be a cruiser, and I’m learning what it’s like to be a blogger, and I’m learning about the price you sometimes pay for putting your business on public social media.  I got it, you only wanna see sunsets and happy hours but that’s not always our reality.  Sometimes sh*t gets on our nerves and that’s part of the experience too.

We decided to be public with our adventures in hopes of inspiring and helping someone else, so if I have to deal with an occasional grumbly, know-it-all here and there, bring it, I’m toughening up because life is good, really, really good!