crossing the Gulf Stream

While We’re Away

The reality of crossing the Gulf Stream and heading over to the Bahamas is quickly coming into view. Currently we are anchored outside of No Name Harbor, patiently waiting for the perfect (ha!) conditions to cross to Bimini, Bahamas, probably tomorrow! Once in Bimini, we’ll be out of touch for a bit. We wanted to share a couple of ways to track us while we are unable to plug into internet world.

Spot –

A generous family friend gave us his, slightly used, Spot tracker and our parents and closest friends have been using it to track us. Although my mom really wishes we would take it with us wherever we go, we use it just to track our travels. We will continue to use “check in” whenever we are on the move and since it is satellite driven, it should keep up with us even when our cell signal conks out. It’ll even show you when we screw up like the other day when we went through the West Venitian Causeway Bridge and then had to turn around and go through it again to find our anchorage!  You can check it too by clicking here.


Pics are kinda’ my thang, and when my BFF introduced me to Instagram, I was immediately hooked. Jake’s iPhone rekindled my love for photography and made me a tad bit more patient with the digital darkroom.  We are really not sure what the smart phone world will be like on the other side and while I am happy to take a break from the Facebook, I probably will continue my obsession with Instagram. You can follow us at jr_n_drena.

Me in South Beach via Instagram.

Me in South Beach via Instagram.

We will definitely try to keep up with the blog and compose on Word until we find WiFi for publishing, so expect more than one post at a time. Please be patient if you’re trying to communicate with us via internets because we really don’t know what to expect! See ya on the other side!!