Heading North: Calabash Eats

Thanks to strong current in our favor (when does that happen!?) it worked out that the Calabash Creek anchorage was right around quitting time for us a few days back, so we decided to anchor and head into town to see what all of the food fuss was about!  We had heard from numerous sources that the eats here were deeeeelish!  So we anchored on the South Carolina side, and dinghied over to the North Cak-a-lack side for some grub.

It was a pretty anchorage and a cute town!  We even met a dude originally from New Carrollton, MD.  Small world, huh?  Their thing in Calabash is fried seafood and boy did we have options…

Calabash Creek Anchorage

Calabash Creek Anchorage




  1. Hi Drena hi JR,
    I am fowling your trip, your boat looks great you did a lot of work.what is your plans?.Take care.

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