Picture Post: Cumberland Island, Georgia

If we had a quarter for each time someone said, “Oh! You have to go to Cumberland Island!” Journey would have stainless steel anchor chain :) It was described to us as “magical,” “Jurrasic Park-like,” “surreal” and lots of other cool, intriguing adjectives that put it at the top of our list heading north.

There is a lot of history surrounding Cumberland Island. You can find it here if you are interested. It now belongs to the National Park Service and they have done a great job protecting it and making it available for nature loving folks like us. Boat people are lucky because there is an anchorage just a stone’s throw away from the ranger station. Most people take a ferry over for the day from St. Mary’s, Georgia (which I hear is also a cool place to stop) and try to squeeze all the cool stuff into 8 hours. We got to spend 3 leisurely days here.

The first day we strolled over to the beach side and went for a long walk. Because the tide in Georgia is about 7 feet on average, the beach is W-I-D-E! The second day we hiked every trail on the south end of the island, and the third day we high-jacked some bikes and took cold showers :) It was lovely. There were BY FAR more critters running around here than we have ever seen, anywhere, ever.  JR and I recommend visiting it as well if you have the chance. It is not developed, there is nothing to do except hike, beach, and camp which is just fine by us. It definitely reminded us of Ocracoke, NC, only without the bars and ice cream shops <3


  1. Great pictures! So love that Island for us boaters! Can’t wait to hear about your “borrowing”! Life is good!

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