Road Trip: Magic Kingdom, Disney World

After tying up in our home away from home, Vero Beach, this past weekend, we decided that we had two great reasons to rent a car.  1. Our cruising besties, Kim & Scott from Anthyllide, were gonna be in West Palm Beach and 2. We were pretty dang close to Walt Disney World!  We quickly visited our bank’s point reward catalog and found that we had plenty enough points to score a FREE rental car for 3 days! Awesome.

We picked up our cute, red Chevy Cruze on Friday, and drove about an hour south to see Anthyllide who had just crossed from Nassau and were anchored in a very happening spot in West Palm Beach, Florida. We spent our first few hours together aboard Anthyllide, catching up and swapping stories.  Once we got hungry, we hopped in the car (cruisers cruising around in a Cruze!) and drove to Chipotle for dinner!  Get this, our buddies had never even heard of Chipotle! I guess that’s what happens when you sail around the Caribbean for 9 years! Poor, underprivilidged people ;)


We sat outside of Chipotle and chatted for a few more hours and had a great time.  That night, all by itself, made the car worth every PNC point we cashed in. <3

The next day, after much discussion and much debate, we decided to hit up the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. We were worried because it was Memorial Day weekend, after all, and the Hertz guy told us parking was $80! But we kinda live by the philosophy, “never miss an opportunity” so we woke up bright and early Saturday and headed to Disney!

Both of us had been to a Disney as kids but never as adults. This time we were the ones worried about expense, and heat, and lines, and all that other grown-up stuff that sucks away fun. But boy were we surprised when we pulled up to the parking lot and it was only $17 not $80! And our worries continued to dissipate all day ’cause that place is INSANELY efficient and orderly. We had a great day and we don’t have one, single grumble about any of it.  It really is magical and it just may be one of the happiest places on earth.  Well, until about 2 pm when all the babies are getting tired.  And again at about 9:30 :)

Here are a few pics for ya.  No more turquoise water, but Seeing Anthyllide and hanging out at Disney was pretty dang cool too.  Click the first pic for a slideshow and more ramblings :)


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