Everywhere You Go, Always Take Your Neighbors With You!

One of the coolest things about living on a boat is that you take your home to different places all the time! Your view changes often, but your bed, your pans, your clothes, and your kitty cat are right there with ya at every stop :) Another advantage (or disadvantage) is that your neighbors change just as often. This is a good thing if that grumpy guy who threatened to “go get his gun” if you anchored too close to his boat, pulls up next to ya (oh, remind us to tell you that story next time we see you) but not such a good thing if you meet someone you really like!

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed we have been spending lots of time with our new Cruising Friends Forever, Kim and Scott on Anthyllide. Super cool, hip, down to earth folks from the Midwest, they dinked over to us our first day in George Town because they had heard about Leo! Heard about LEO for crying out loud! They have a cat named Ali that looks a little like Leo… Anyway, we played together lots in George Town and then we decided to BUDDY BOAT! Dun Dun Duuuuuuuun…

That’s right folks, for the first time Journey’s got a buddy boat and we’re took our little neighborhood on the road! This is uncharted territory for us, mainly because we always follow 2 major rules as cruisers:

  1. No schedules. Schedules make you do things that you might not normally do because you have to get somewhere. The only schedule we’ve had so far was my mom and Flavia’s visit and we gave ourselves LOTS of time to make it to George Town.
  2. Make your own decisions. In other words, don’t buddy boat ;) Well, that’s not entirely true, but traveling with another boat can sometimes lead to compromises and that’s just not something you want to do out here.

Lucky for us, Anthyllide isn’t much into the buddy boat thing either, so our plans just kinda’ morphed into each others. We have similar takes on weather (JR and Kim could ramble on forever about Mr. Parker and Passage Weather), sailing (we like to sail, not motor), and fun (they are expert snorkelers and spear fisher-people and Scott LOVES to take pictures!!!!!) So we made plans to conquer Long Island, Conception, and the Family Island Regatta together… So far so good.

The next few blog posts will include lots about Kim, Scott, and Ali (the cat) so be on the lookout for them :)

One benefit of Buddy Boating, cool pics of each others boats :)

Boat pics are just one of the many benefits of Buddy Boating :)


  1. Hi kids: Say hello to Kim and Scott for me. I met them in Norfolk at the Chesapeake Schooner race then we left Norfolk at the same time, never got to anchor near them to buy them a drink, nice people!

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