Comfortably Stalled

Stalled in a good way, that is. We have been in George Town for about a month now, lounging around, exploring, and doing boat chores. We got to know the town, had a great time with visitors, and now we are waiting for some nice wind to take us to Long Island, Bahamas for a few days. From there, we will “turn around” and head back north. As you can imagine, we are not very eager to turn around.

Since leaving Bimini, it is the first time that we have had an opportunity to wait for perfect weather to take us somewhere. Before now it has been rush, rush, rush to the next stop! I am trying to get used to the idea of relaxing! We are fortunate to be anchored in a beautiful anchorage, near some really cool people and each day has been a variation of this: black box boat chores, swim, eat, hike, drink, chat, read, repeat! I sort of have this feeling that if we don’t accomplish something each day it’s a waste. I need to remember that enjoying this free time that we have is a something! We are very fortunate. And though we never envisioned ourselves as fans of George Town after hearing all of the talk of organized activities and “day camp for seniors,” we have found that George Town has something for everyone.  We kinda’ love it <3

Our black box list.  I guess I can cross off "blog."

Our black box list. I guess I can cross off “blog.”

Monument beach anchorage at sunset.

Monument beach anchorage at sunset.

The wind may or may not cooperate with our “plans” to visit Long Island so we are making backup plans as well. We are expecting an opportunity to head there in the middle of this week, but if it doesn’t pan out then we are going to have to go back up the southern end of the Exuma chain before we head for new territory. We don’t want to backtrack too much and go to places we’ve already been, so our route home will include Eleuthera and the Abacos.

The green line is the route we took to get here, the red one is the one we would like to take home.  (Not exactly, I know the lines cross over land :)

The green line is the route we took to get here, the pink one is the one we would like to take home. (Not exact of course, I know the lines cross over land :)

Anyway, it’s really nice to take a break from passage planning, weather watching, and chart chit-chat, but we are anxious to get moving again. Here are a few pretty pictures to tide you over until our official “George Town” post :) Thanks for the love.

Me playin' in the ocean.

Me playin’ in the ocean.

Boo enjoying a Dark and Stormy ;)

Boo enjoying a Dark and Stormy ;)  (for Sue <3)

The ocean.  How freakin' beautiful...

The ocean. How freakin’ beautiful…




  1. Hi Journey! Love hearing about your adventures. Wondering if you have come in contact with The Mary Christine…..Jody and Peter? Think they are in Georgetown as well waiting for parts that should arrive next week. Beautiful pictures. Thank-you! Jeanne

  2. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Just remember your only heading north “til the next time”! Love following you and glad your active on your blog and FB. Looking forward to getting together once you are in the Chesapeake, over a Dark and Stormy or two at Davis’s. Fair Winds

  3. Looks awesome! Can’t wait till I’m there. I was thinking of a similar route to what you have planned on your “second leg”. Should be a great time.

  4. Ahoy matey! … Blimey! glad to read about your wondrous expedition and see your route traveled. You’ve inspired us to get a bit of the sailing bug back … headed off to do some leisure sailing in the Grenadines… and get away from the crazy weather we’ve had in MD (back to the 30’s tonight). Steady seas to you both – may your dark n’ stormy only be reference to what’s in your “black jack.”..aarghhh…

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