Settling In: Bimini, Bahamas

You guys have been so supportive and our Wi-Fi is so good, I thought I should give you a quickie post about our first few days here in Bimini.  It’s pretty unreal and we still haven’t accepted how amazingly lucky we are to be here, but we are trying really hard to make the best of it and enjoy everyday….

We’ve had a couple of glitches since we’ve been here, the first one being our fridge.  It has been a little inconsistent since North Carolina, but it’s always pulled itself together after a rest.  Not the case since we’ve been here.  It’s driving JR crazy ’cause he can’t get his hands on what he needs to fix it.  We don’t have time for this!  We have beaches to explore, dang it!

The second little itch has been cell service.  It’s fairly easy to get connected here (expensive, but easy.)  All you need is an unlocked cell phone and you mosey on over to BELCO and buy a chip.  Then you add money as needed.  If you have an unlocked smartphone, you can add data too.  We did, made a couple of calls and then the thing said we were out of money.  We mosied back on over and found out our 20 minute call to the fridge folks, an incoming call from Jake’s Grandma, and a 6 minute call to my dad (using a calling card) ate our $20 worth of voice time.  Dang.  So we added more money today and decided to be a little more careful with our 80 cents a minute cell phone.  Unfortunately, we didn’t think to be careful with the unlocked iPhone and it got soaked during our stroll through the rain this afternoon.  I know, I know, our life is really hard :)

We have had a few opportunities to hit the beach during all of our terrible, terrible luck and spent yesterday afternoon there with some friends.  Today was rainy and beautiful. We are waiting for perfect wind to head over to The Berry Islands so we might be here for a week or so.  We may also be ordering a new fridge, only time will tell.  We did discuss taking a night or two away from the marina and anchoring out near some good snorkeling spots.  We found a few spots on-line but they are a tinkle too far of a dinghy ride.  Again, only time will tell.

Anyway, here are some pics.  It really looks like this.  I feel like I am in a Corona commercial at all times.  The beach is maybe 200 yards away from our boat.  It’s incredible.  We are so fortunate.  Wish you were here, for real :)

The beach.  The only people there were us and our friends.  It's incredible.

The beach. The only people there were us and our friends. It’s incredible.

Just so you know I'm not stealing pics from Corona's website, here's me in the crystal clear water.

Just so you know I’m not stealing pics from Corona’s website, here’s me in the crystal clear water.

Us at the beach.

Us at the beach.

Today was rainy.  This is the dock our boat is tied to.

Today was rainy. This is the dock our boat is tied to.  That. Is. Water.


  1. This is your old student, Annalise. I wish I were in the Bahamas with you! Do you have a plan for where you are going next? Or are you staying there for a while? I miss you!

    1. Hi Annalise! We sort of have a plan. We will be going to the Exuma chain f islands and working our way south. Maybe you can look them up on a map. We don’t really know how long we will stay at each place. It sort of depends on the weather and wind. Isn’t it weird to make decisions based on wind!? I wish you were here too. In fact I wish all of my friends were here so you could see how beautiful it is and take a little break from the snow in Maryland. I hope you are having a great school year! Please tell my Hollywood family that I miss them <3

  2. Most of the time when a friend calls us from the states on a cell phone there is no charge to us. It has to be cell to cell, initiated by the person in the states….try it

  3. the water is sooooo beautiful!!!! that last pic is unreal. I’m so happy you guys made it over safely, loved the video on youtube, and can I tell ya my coworkers are soooo jealous!! they caught me lookin at your page hehehe.. me too obviously.. going to the bahamas has been like a dream of mine.. some day!! thanks for sharing, love y’all!!

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