Picture Post: South Beach

The closer we got to Miami, the more excited I got about South Beach.  For no particular reason except that it’s South Beach.  How many people get to drive their boat into the heart of a place like this?  Not many, so it became mandatory.

We anchored behind Belle Island, just south of the East Venitian Causeway Bridge.  It happened to be ideal because if you head north in the dink, it would land you near the crazy cool Lincoln Road Mall and if you head south in the dink, Miami City Marina lets ya park at their schmancy marina and stroll to the beach and Ocean Ave.  Oh, and Fla, remember when you asked me about Star Island?  Yeah, I guess we did see it!

Map of where we were anchored…  If only I could figure out how to drop pins and such :)

Map of where we were anchored… If only I could figure out how to drop pins and such :)

It was a great spot, minus the wakes from the ginormous motor yachts that went in and out all day, a small price to pay.  So far it’s better than Dinner Key, though (just sayin’).

Here’s a bunch of pics.  Click the first one for a slideshow and more ramblings…


  1. It’s a beautiful place, for sure. The only thing I could think that might top it off would be dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab on Washington Ave. in South Beach. A totally different dining experience in eating stone crab claws compared to our way of “eating crabs” in MD. Drena, your photos are top notch! What was the water temp at the beach? Wills Creek is frozen over here in Western MD, as are the lakes – with more sub-zero weather expected in a couple of nights.

  2. You can jug fresh water from the police dock. Pass the canal, go under the bridge, pass the little park to the east. The first dock is a boat ramp/ police dock…

  3. We pulled into Miami Beach Marina with me dead sea sick and virtually comatose on the floor of the flybridge. A few hours later, I awoke and whined for my wife only to find the boat deserted. She and the couple we were cruising with had gone shopping. Great photos and excellent job posting the map etc. Glad you two are having fun. Freezing up here in Canada.

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