Picture Post: You’re Still in Vero!?

That’s right, people! We are STILL in Vero Beach! Remember way back when, I told you that Vero’s nickname is “Velcro”? Well that nickname is holding true for Journey! Vero has taken its millions of little tiny plastic hooks and implanted them deeply into Journey’s soft outer shell :)  We are stuck, now literally, until the stuff we ordered arrives.

Reasons we are still here:

Number one, the weather changed. We are no longer running from Old Man Winter, in fact we are currently basking in his Floridian sunshine.

Número two, this place is convenient. Not only is it cheap, it is saturated with cruiser friendly amenities like big old washing machines and dryers that work, relatively clean showers with unlimited hot water, an office with an address to send stuff to, and lastly, a FREE bus that takes you everywhere like Walmart, Joann Fabric, Publix, and THE BEACH!

Number tres, we have friends here, and although it is weird not to be hauling the anchor each morning, it’s nice to have friends nearby to play with, borrow stuff from, and chat with.  It was also nice to be able to spend the holidays with them.

We knew that we would have to tackle solar panels, water makers, and provisioning once we were in Florida, and Vero turns out to be the right place for us. I know JR will post about his solar panel choice, and I am currently up to my ears in provisioning resources but we are getting stuff done (and enjoying ourselves a little bit too.)

You know what else is weird? Being so close to the Bahamas has everybody buzzing and gearing up for it. I keep thinking, “This is really happening!” We still plan to head to Miami and cross to Bimini from there, but our plan has always been to wait and prep until mid January. So although we know lots of people who are heading over now, or soon, or already have, we are trying not to feel rushed. We have nothing but time, right?

Anyway, here are a few pics of our time in Vero so far. If you haven’t visited, you should, it’s adorable and I love it.  Click the pics for full captions and a slide show :)


  1. Love Vero.. have a time share at the “rustic” Driftwood…enjoy Lemon Tree, Mondays TJMaxx has discounts for seniors…TwoJ’s has great deli…Yeah Publics and the Dollar store…..enjoy…..

  2. You have just mentioned some of the reason’s it’s called “Velcro Beach”. The best part is…..It doesn’t matter. You are living the lifestyle of a cruiser among other cruiser’s. Schedule is a four letter word.

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