prep: boat cards!

so… cruisers exchange boat cards ’cause they meet, chill, and then go their separate ways in a matter of days.  your boat card has all of your contact info on it so you can keep in touch and remember your new cruising friends and their boats forever and ever!  evidently, you’ll know your buddies by boat name BEFORE you know their regular names!  we’ve received a couple of ’em from folks we met in rock hall, and from a lovely couple i met at the MoFi writers “conference.”   boat cards vary in appearance and are as individual as each individual they belong to!  jake and i put a lot of thought into ours and felt passionately about different things.  he wanted journey on it and i thought it might be a good idea to include a pic of us (i read that in a blog somewhere, surprise).  we came up with this, what do you think?

our new boat cards! yay!

our new boat cards! yay!


  1. Love it! We are in Wrightsville Beach, NC and had dinner at the Bluewater Grill on the ICW! Of course, I thought of you and also thought your mother could meet you here! :).

  2. Your cards look great! I like the idea of faces and boat on one card. Did you design them online or with a program? We still have to get ours made up-just need to finalize our mail service plans first.

    1. We used the “free” Vistaprint design thing. We kinda just played around with them ’til we got something we liked. We managed to keep the “free” cards under $20 :)

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