prep: health insurance-less in t-minus 76 days

no job = no health insurance

it took us a while to wrap our brains around this and trust you me, we did our fair share of research to see if we could pay for it out of pocket.  nope, not worth it.  insurance is a rip.  all of it.  health, life, car, homeowner, boat, all of it.  and it’s a dang shame.

anyway, jake and i have the same doctor and we love, love, love him.  we found him through a referral and 10 years later, i’m still thanking maddie and john for that recommendation.  not only is he a cutie, he’s super down to earth.  i made an appointment with him on saturday to discuss the fact that we would be losing our insurance and to see what recommendations he had for us while we still had it.

he. hooked. us. up.  like, seriously.

when i told him we were heading south for a while, his reaction was, “man, what did i do wrong in life?  that is so cool.”  and after we chatted about it for a bit he said, “okay, what do you need?”  i was floored.  he suggested we get physicals ’cause we haven’t had one in a while, he gave me a prescription for antibiotics ’cause i tend to get sinus infections, scripts for tummy troubles (you know, foreign foods), motion sickness, rashes, and allergies. he just kept writing them like, “oh and you might need this” and “this will be helpful.”  he even told me that if we are in miami or something, and we needed meds, we could just call him and he’ll call it in for us.  seriously?  on my way out, he came at me with hands full of allergy samples and congratulated me again.  where’s the friggin’ easy button?

my purse after doc mc hottie hooked me up!

my purse after doc mc hottie hooked me up!

i haven’t been to the pharmacy yet, but i feel so much better.  this stuff seems unattainable without insurance and it feels good to have it.  in addition to a stocked medical kit, we are planning on getting DAN trip insurance in case of emergency and being super-dooper careful.  from what i understand, medical care outside of the US is way more reasonable.  this post from turf to surf does a great job explaining the $ dollar signs $ we, as americans, see when we visit the doctor.  she also tells a great story about her trip to the ER in the dominican republic and how little it cost her.  amazing.  i’ve heard similar stories coming out of the bahamas as well.

as doc mc hottie said, “you can’t let something like health insurance get in the way of an opportunity like this.”  i’d have to agree and am so thankful that jr and i are healthy enough not to worry too much about it.

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