maybe by now, you’ve heard…

hi!  if you’ve made it here, i guess ya heard, jr and i are heading south this winter!  we are officially out of the closet with our news :)

for about 4 years, jr and i have been saving and plotting to become “cruisers.”  no! not the warship kinda’ cruiser, the people kind, you know, sort of like a “snowbird” on a boat.

come october, we’re gonna hop in our boat, ride on down the ICW, hopefully jump the gulf stream, and “cruise” through the bahamas for a bit.  the norm is to avoid hurricaine season, so our tentative time line is: leave october-ish and return may-ish.  but as they say in the cruising world, plans are written in the sand at low tide!

we’re gonna try to keep this blog going as we travel in order to keep our favorite people in the loop.  we started it in march, so there’s lots to read if you’re bored at work today (or not at work today, my teacher friends!)  feel free to sign up for e-mail alerts (to the left) and/or like our facebook page:

we definitely wanna thank all the folks who have been incredibly supportive so far, thanks!  and we wanna welcome your comments, constructive criticism, and especially questions because we don’t have all of the answers, we just have an itch to live our life a little differently for a while.  check out our about us page to get a few more details about the trip and thanks for your love!

inspiration from windtraveler...

inspiration from windtraveler (and kristian kan)…


  1. DO IT NOW!!!! You’ve done the hard part the rest is all down hill from here. The next hardest is do you take the cat (yes) and throwing off the dockline.

  2. This is awesome. An ex-boss attempted a cruise from FL, up the East Coast, through CA, and then down the Mississippi. He abandoned after 3 months or something like that. I don’t think you guys will have that problem though. You have the timing and direction right! Have fun! :)

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