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My Husband is a Fisherman

…and I’m trying to deal with it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s kinda’ hot, and it really chills him out, but I’ve got that whole “poor, sweet fishy” thing that I’m trying to work through. I know, I know, it’s natural and it’ll be for food and “You eat meat, right?” I am a complete and total hypocrite and if I had to kill my own chicken or beef, I’d starve.

But taking these last few days in Vero Beach and slowing down, has given JR some time to start putting together his fishing arsenal. Hopefully he’ll write a bit about it when it’s complete but he finally bought a rod and reel, some lures and strung it all together a couple of days ago. He got his Florida fishing license on Saturday and even caught his first fish (from our boat that is)!

I promise I am being supportive, I’m not AGAINST fishing at all. I just feel so bad for the little guys!

Here is JR with his first fish (look how happy he is!) and this is the first picture I’ve ever taken with my eyes closed :)

Jake and his first fish.

Jake and his first fish.