Month: March 2014

Treasures From the States

On Friday, my mom and best friend arrived to George Town for a visit.  Along with their beautiful selves, they brought us treasures!  You should have heard our conversation the first time we realized that mom and Flavia could bring us stuff from the states!  As hard as we tried to devise a plan to import Texas Nachos from Hard Times Cafe, it was a bust.  But we did ask for some other stuff :)

We asked our Facebook friends what they thought we had requested and got some fun responses.  Although my mom did bring Girl Scout Cookies, Joe, it was because she wanted them, not because we requested them (they sure were delicious, though!)  Some other guesses were paper towels, peanut butter, wasabi, Old Bay Seasoning, chips and Oreos.  These were all good guesses, but none of them made our list.  Here’s what we asked for:


1.  Beer- Of all the things I heard about the Bahamas, beer being expensive is the most accurate.  It ranges from $50 – $70 for a case of Budweiser.  Craft beers do not exist.  Anywhere.  Ever.  So we ordered some Sierra Nevada.  Cannot wait to drink them, we’ll probably be drunk after the first few sips!

2.  Gosling’s Rum- Can’t make a real Dark and Stormy without Gosling’s.  We were running low and my bestie snatched one up for us!

3.  Nail Polish- I completely underestimated how often I would paint my nails.  Cruising ladies warned me that I would stop caring…  Not just yet.  I have to have my toes done up nice and having colorful nails makes me feel happy.  With all the beautiful tropical colors that surround me, I like to be a bit colorful too!

4.  Little rubber bands- When I wear my hair in piggies, I like to use these little, tiny rubber bands.  The sun does a number on them with lots of exposure and they break really quickly so I ran out!  Now I can have piggies again!

5.  Brita Water Filters- We drink the water that JR makes and stores in our tanks.  We use this little filter on our faucet and fill up water bottles.  JR had to run 3 miles in Nassau to find one for $30.  It was in need of replacement so we ordered these from Amazon.  4 for $47.  Dang.

6.  Teflon Tape- Because you can never have too much Teflon Tape!

7.  Autopilot Motor- Our autopilot has been giving us trouble so JR took it apart to find some burned wires!  Since Flavia lives in Annapolis, she agreed to swing by J. Gordon & Co. to pick up a replacement motor.  Score.

8.  Water Puppy Pump- The small pump for JR’s watermaker was shutting off intermittently so he ordered a new pump.  Luckily it was covered under warranty.

9.  Dinghy Motor Fin- Besides beer, this was the most exciting thing we got from the states.  JR put this baby on our beat up, old 6 hp dinghy motor, and we are planing all over the place (that means fast, people!)  Now, we truly have a “go fast” dinghy.  It’s awesome.

How’s that for a random list of things we wanted from the states?  Thanks for playing along :)